sábado, 1 de junho de 2013


«Emilia Garcia, 46, stood in the Santa Filomena neighborhood in Amadora, Portugal, where the local authorities have ruled that the entire neighborhood — predominantly home to immigrants from Cape Verde — is illegally occupied and have begun to demolish all of the homes there.» (In «The New York Times»)

«Rosa Serra Pereira, left, lives in a small apartment in Lisbon with six dependent members of her family without enough income to adequately feed all of them. In Portugal, austerity means that hospitals are closing, and state benefits, public wages and pensions are being cut. New taxes have been added, and old taxes increased.» (Idem)

«A man moved furnishings from the apartment of an elderly person who died a few days before in Lisbon. About 21 percent of the elderly in Portugal now live in poverty.» (Idem)

«Homeless men, top, gathered by the entrance of a church in Lisbon where free food was being distributed. The government had been winning praise from international lenders who last year negotiated a bailout worth about $101 billion, following similar deals with Greece and Ireland.» (Idem)

«A homeless man slept in front of a shoe store in Lisbon. About 1.4 million people are currently unemployed in Portugal, and only 370,000 of them receive monthly social support from the government, leaving around one  million people without the benefit.» (Idem)

«Protesters burned a banner depicting Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany during her visit to Lisbon in November. As Europe began struggling with its debt crisis, Mrs. Merkel became the continent’s pre-eminent leader and — more than any other public figure — has been made the scapegoat of Europeans battered by the crisis.» (Idem)

«An elderly man left a bar in Lisbon. Under the sweeping austerity measures, retirees face higher medical costs, both public and private sector workers are facing pay cuts amid a record unemployment rate of almost 16 percent, and students need to pay larger tuition fees without any guarantee that they will not join the ranks of the jobless.» (Idem)

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